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Wonder whilst you wander

It’s so freeing to wander without a route or destination. To pause from the set routines that make up our daily lives and let curiosity take the lead.

Always following the same well-trodden paths in our environments and our minds can make life feel monotonous. We become cemented in the routines and problem-solving that our lives require, following familiar lines of thinking as we encounter the same stimuli and situations every day. This repetition treads deep grooves in our minds, creating a rigid mindset that is fertile ground for rumination and feeling creatively blocked.

Exploring a new area or following a different path than we instinctively take requires us to redirect behaviours that have become automatic over time. This diversion frees our minds from the restraints of routines - for a moment, we can let go of to-dos, forget our worries and notice what exists in the present. Allowing busy thoughts to melt away so we can wonder for a while can encourage fresh lines of thinking - letting limited thoughts go so inspiration and hope can take their place.

Taking a break from daily demands can be incredibly refreshing, especially if these have become stagnant or stressful. Though it takes active effort and mindfulness to detour from our habits, it is worth it. Allowing ourselves to explore can revitalise us and remind us of the wonder surrounding us that we so often overlook.


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