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I hold all of me compassionately

No matter how much we want to feel better, we can’t bulldoze through our pain and suffering to reach the healed version of ourselves. When we disregard our emotions, try to fix things with force, and shame ourselves into feeling better, we only add another layer of hurt.

We must become aware of how we respond when we encounter our hurt. Many of us get caught in negative self-talk and instinctively blame ourselves. This makes our inner world feel like an unsafe place to be. A place where it’s not okay to be vulnerable and feel our emotions, a place full of tension and unease, a place that we understandably want to escape and distract ourselves from.

Making our inner world into a nurturing place when we’re not feeling our best is true self-love. Our soft and wounded selves deserve to be treated with tenderness, and we can start to provide that. We must wrap ourselves in acceptance, compassion, and patience as we navigate our healing and become our ally rather than our enemy.


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