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Restore Your Resource

Going through the motions of daily life can be incredibly draining if we don’t stop to fuel up. 

As a society, we’re out of the habit of tending to our well-being - self-care is unknown territory for most. With work as our priority, we are rewarded for being action-orientated and are taught to measure our value by our productivity. Collectively, we’ve learnt to disregard the needs of our bodies and minds, favouring doing over resting and habitually putting self-care to the bottom of our to-do list. 

Despite what the world has told us about our value, we are innately worthy and deserving of rest and wellness. We all know the common phrase, ’You can’t pour from an empty cup’. Living a balanced life relies on developing an ability to tune into ourselves and recognise when we need to restore. When discovering what helps us feel rejuvenated, it’s crucial to be open and try many different resourcing techniques to find out what works for us. Developing self-awareness over time will allow us to pinpoint the self-care we need in each circumstance and respond seamlessly to our needs.

We can adjust our restorative practices depending on how depleted we feel. Feel free to take inspiration from the self-care ideas listed below (most of these benefit from some self-compassion, lighting a few candles and breathing deeply).

Feeling completely depleted and running on empty:

  • Have a nap

  • Do some Yin yoga with some blankets and pillows

  • Have a bath

  • Do a guided Yoga Nidra session (a relaxing guided meditation you can do lying down)

  • Watch a comforting film

Feeling a bit burnt out and needing a boost:

  • Go for a mindful nature walk

  • Read in a cosy spot 

  • Reflect with some journalling

  • Enjoy a calming craft or puzzle

  • Drink your favourite hot drink whilst window-gazing and daydreaming

Feeling flat, needing some motivation and invigoration:

  • Do some active yoga or other exercise

  • Try some energising breathwork 

  • Find a new perspective by reading or listening to something inspirational, or by climbing a hill. 

  • Catch up with a loved one


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