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Let Life Crack You Open

When we get hurt by life, our instinct is to retreat into our shells where we feel safe. Over time, we build up layers of protection to avoid feeling the same pain again. We create distance from what hurts, but in doing so, we keep ourselves from feeling and accessing the beauty in the world that has the potential to heal.

We lock away our soft and vulnerable aspects, believing that isolation is the best protection. We reject our sensitivity and create a guarded exterior, thinking it is the only way to exist in society. We disconnect from empathy to protect the parts of ourselves that feel deeply connected to others.

Our tender side will always exist no matter how thick our shell has become. We do not become emotionless or forget our ability to care deeply for others and our earth. Our true selves live within us despite how many layers we have built around them.

Life has a way of encouraging us to open up to the core of ourselves. It creates cracks in our self-protective armour so the light within us can shine again. While this experience reveals our vulnerability, it also allows us to regain access to the empathy, creativity and wonder we have forgotten. It reminds us of the full spectrum of emotions that we locked away, returning us to the vivid experience of being a human.

We are all in the process of coming into the full expression of ourselves. With courage and vulnerability, we can allow our true selves to be seen. By accessing our authentic inner power, we can have an incredible impact on those around us and create a positive ripple effect in our world.


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