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Walk Through the Weeds

Life isn’t always flowers - it’s often weeds too.

We all go through seasons of life that are challenging. During times like these, we feel like weeds are taking over and no flowers are in sight. It becomes hard to notice the positives as our challenge overwhelms the good in our lives.

When life feels difficult, it is natural to want to avoid our reality. We want to distract ourselves, consume in whatever way brings us comfort, or deny there are any issues. This brings some short-term relief and gives us a sense of stability, but it is not the solution. The weeds will still be there once we return to reality, so we must not lose ourselves in avoiding our problems.

Instead, we must face our challenges head-on, walking through the weeds one step at a time and taking deep breaths as we go. We can begin to uncover a sense of empowerment and resilience as we face our reality bravely.

As we make our way through this time, we might notice some seeds of hope in the air. Glimmers of good things around us might start to reveal themselves to us again, even just a little, reminding us of the good that exists outside of our suffering.

Given time, this challenge will pass, and the seeds will begin settle into the ground, bringing hope of something new. Once we get far enough from our current issues, we can look back to see how this time helped us grow - how it built upon our strength and inner power, ignited a sense of trust in ourselves, and initiated us into a new version of ourselves that really can face anything.

But, for now, let's walk through the weeds step-by-step.


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