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Now Is All I Need

When we wish we were somewhere else, doing something different or had finally acquired that thing we have always wanted, we degrade the power of the present moment. Imagining that the grass is greener on the other side causes us to overlook the richness of each moment and all that we already have. We accumulate stress, tension and anxiety as we perceive ourselves as lacking something we want. Disheartened and disconnected, we take what we have for granted, unaware of the potential magic of the present moment.

As we ignore each moment, we ignore our lives as a whole. We treat most of our lives as an inconvenient stepping stone - distracting ourselves, wishing for time to go quicker and longing for things to be different.

Having ambitions and desires is a part of being human, but feeling as though we are constantly stretching for something that is forever out of reach leaves us unfulfilled and dissatisfied. Stuck in endless wanting, our dreams begin to drain our reality.

To remedy this, we need to see the journey to where we want to be as a series of present moments that blend into one another. When desire or discomfort is overpowering, we must return to the moment. Grounding practices are a great way to let our minds' wants melt away.

We can do this by noticing the distinct qualities of the now - the sounds, colours, and sensations that, in their unique combination, will only ever exist at that moment. Notice how one moment blends into another. Notice how the sounds around us morph and change - creating a song that will never repeat.

This awareness must come with us on our journey through each moment to our individual destinations if we want to feel more fulfilled and at peace on the way. The feeling of lacking can begin to fade as we consciously enrich each moment with our presence and appreciate all we already have. Now is all we need.


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