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Joy is in the Journey

Enchanted by our vision of reaching the peak, we often walk blindly through our lives. We rush ahead, never taking a moment to appreciate where we are now and all the beauty around us.

When we reach the top of the mountain, we instantly set our sights on another goal without pausing to enjoy the satisfaction of our achievement. It’s an endless and exhausting chase that never brings the fulfilment we hope for.

Joy doesn’t exist in one fleeting moment of achievement, it is in every part of the journey. It’s in the slow climb as our resilience is tested. It's in the valley when we coast before the next challenge. It’s in the moments when we lose all sense of direction and have to take one step at a time, trusting that we’ll find the way.

Moving at a sustainable pace helps us find joy in the journey, so we can progress and take in all the sights. What really is the point of reaching the top if we don’t stop to appreciate the view along the way?


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