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Hold Yourself in Hope

Rain, shine, or storm, hold yourself in hope so you can embrace whatever weather life brings you.

The circumstances of our lives can change just as often as the weather and we can easily let this uncertainty control how we feel and how we perceive our lives. When it rains we feel like staying inside, thinking “what a miserable day”. When it's sunny we feel like going outside, feeling positive, thinking “what a beautiful day”. Depending on what happens each day we can go from loving our lives to feeling like everything is falling apart.

As we constantly react to our outside circumstances we step onto an emotional rollercoaster of feeling up one moment and down the next. This leaves us feeling unstable and lacking any sense of control. If we want to feel stable as our lives constantly evolve we must not give our power to what we can't control.

The only thing certain is uncertainty. Our power lies in how we respond to uncertainty. As life moves around us we can be our own constant. We can decide to hold ourselves in hope as our circumstances change by neutrally observing what occurs and reminding ourselves that our lives will always be in motion.

Over time, life will bring us all kinds of weather. We will experience the full spectrum of colour that life offers and we will be given all the ingredients for growth. The challenges we face, with time, will mould us into something beautiful, radiant and truly resilient. We’ll become a shining example of what happens when the positive and the negative exist alongside one another without resistance. Remember, rainbows can only exist when it rains and shines.


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