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Find Life's Sweetness

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Have you become so tangled in the worries and anxieties of daily life that you’ve forgotten how sweet life can be? At times like this, small stresses can make us feel like we’re being poked by thorns from every angle; leaving us exhausted, sensitive, and feeling easily triggered. If we’re stuck amongst the brambles and thorns for long enough it becomes hard to remember what sweetness once felt like and burnout can become the norm.

Remember that moments of relief and joy are never far away, even if our fading memory makes us believe we won’t be able to reach for them again. You’re not trapped in feeling this way. It is possible to untangle yourself but it is a process that requires your full commitment and courage. Your wellbeing is the most important thing and without it you can’t experience life to the fullest so commit to your happiness and tend to yourself wholeheartedly, you deserve it.

Attempting to untangle yourself without being fully dedicated to the task can result in further tangles which take longer to undo. Much like a knot, the process of untangling goes much smoother and quicker when you give it your focus and presence. It’s important to move slowly through difficult times and act intentionally. Keep these things in mind as you move through this process:

  1. Focus on doing things like self-care which bring you relief, allow you to rest in quiet moments just for yourself, and help to nurture your resilience.

  2. Be persistent when you become tired, drained, and feel like giving up. You’re almost there!

  3. When your mind tells you there’s no hope, that you’ll be stuck feeling this way forever, don’t listen! Practice engaging with positive and encouraging thoughts that support your healing process.

  4. Listen to how you feel and respond with a nurturing action towards yourself. Think of it like being in a constant feedback loop with your emotions. Listen, then tend to it, listen again, then tend to it again. Much like studying a knot closely and then carefully loosening one particular area, responding to how you feel with intentional action can create a huge release.

This process takes consistency and it might take a little bit of time until you feel better. Hold onto your resilience - big change is always made up of small actions. It’s important to keep in mind that with each act of kindness towards yourself you are loosening the hold that stress has had over you for too long and you’re getting closer to finding life’s sweetness again.


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