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Begin Again

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Up pops a little snowdrop signalling that these long and dark months will soon be coming to an end. Winter may seem bleak but it is never lifeless, only sleeping and soon to awaken. When snowdrops start to peep out of the frosted ground they bring a message of hope that spring is just around the corner. Nature is teaching us yet another important lesson - a new beginning can arrive in any moment.

These little snowdrops hold such a big message - they teach us that the only constant is change. They whisper that every end is a new beginning. After sleep you awaken, after night comes morning, after winter comes spring. Everything has its own season and nothing is ever as stagnant or concrete as you believe it to be. There is always a chance to begin again, over and over again. Throughout the seasons these messages permeate through us, with so many tiny moments of hope and change all around us trying to teach us this important lesson.

Even after a period of stagnation in which it seems that life will stay the same, old and tired, for the rest of time, there is still hope for a new beginning. If we take the time to notice each message nature sends us we can start to embrace the ever-evolving constant change and flow of nature for ourselves. We can notice how nature never stays the same, it never stops during winter and decides to stay there and wither into nothingness. Winter is part of the process, the rest period in the delicate flow of change in which stillness is as necessary as growth. Rest is as valuable as movement. Hibernation is as revered as activity.

So, we can more easily welcome change when it arrives and feel okay about life being in constant motion. Change might still feel unsettling, scary, or disorientating but trusting that nature knows the way and change is a part of life can help you feel more at ease. Nature exists in us and avoiding its flow isn’t possible. Resisting change can cause more discomfort and upset, more anxiety and stress, more unnecessary suffering.

Even if it feels impossible, or it's hard to see, there are always new opportunities and beginnings around the corner. Let the arrival of snowdrops fill you with hope and energy to go towards your new beginning. Towards caring for yourself, towards nurturing your growth rather than cutting it off, towards building a fulfilling life. It is always possible, nature never stops evolving, we can always begin again.


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