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Be Generous with Gentleness

We all go through times when we need a little more gentleness.

During these phases, we must soften the harsh edges of life. We need to give ourselves extra time to take things slow. We need more self-care because everyday routines no longer meet our needs. We need to be patient with ourselves and move tenderly. Instead of putting ourselves down for needing time to heal, we must develop a supportive and compassionate inner voice.

These are times when we benefit from taking small steps forward rather than leaps. Even though we know this is true, it's normal to try and convince ourselves to push through and ignore how we feel, thinking we will escape the situation quicker.

Bulldozing through only creates unnecessary tension and pressure, and that is the last thing we need - it only takes from our energy and depletes us further.

Instead, our focus must be on filling our cup up in whatever ways feel best so that it can eventually start to overflow, bringing life back to us and our lives. It can feel like a slow process, but giving generously to ourselves nurtures our inner balance and allows us to face life's inevitable challenges with increasing resilience.


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