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Be A Beacon For What You Believe In

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

People who live by their values and beliefs are like shining beacons on a mountain top. They radiate a sense of freedom and possibility which has the potential to inspire and influence. They light up a room with their authenticity, self-acceptance and integrity, and through doing so encourage us to uncover the same within ourselves.

Sharing our true selves and living by our values is like being naked to the world - it’s vulnerable, it can feel scary and uncomfortable, and it takes a lot of courage. That’s why so many of us live our lives hiding behind a facade, covering our authentic selves from the world so that the purest and most honest version of ourselves can’t be judged.

Not to mention it's a lot easier to talk and envision our best selves or a better world than it is to act on it. But embodying our beliefs has much more impact on the world around us. Think of all the times you've heard "live by example", "Be the change you want to see in the world", "Actions speak louder than words". It's because it's true!

Although it might be scary, the reward is worth it. Living by your values comes with a sense of purpose and direction because we become our own north star. Our beliefs and values act as our compass to help us to find our way when we're lost. We can look to our north star, the brightest star in the sky that leads the way and, using our beliefs and values as a reference, ask ourselves if the path we’re on aligns with us and what we believe in.

This self-empowering act encourages us to look to ourselves for guidance rather then be pulled in all directions by the opinions and expectations of others. Knowing our truth and having faith in ourselves allows us to find our own direction as we move forward.

Being a beacon for what you believe in is a fulfilling way to live. It challenges us to be brave enough to remove the facade we have carried with us throughout our lives and finally fully accept ourselves. It empowers us to be our own guide, trust our path and put our unique vision into action. It has the potential to influence and inspire those who encounter us whilst illuminating all the possibilities which are open to them too.


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