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A limited idea of beauty is portrayed in the media, with discussions of beauty not often going past the physical. Often, we look in the mirror and don't quite feel satisfied if we don't live up to societal beauty expectations. This is damaging because it gets in the way of truly seeing the beauty and wonder within ourselves. I have made a manifesto which takes a deeper, existential look into why we deserve to love ourselves. This manifesto serves as an important reminder, to myself and others, to appreciate ourselves more. 


Each point of the manifesto is communicated through a collage.


I've translated this illustration into a wall hanging which can be viewed here.

Featured in Sept/Oct 2019 issue of Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine. 


Why we should love ourselves


  1. We are connected to every living thing. Within us is the same force which unfurls leaves, shifts seasons, and turns tides.

  2. Our existence is more complex that we will ever understand. Beauty cannot be defined by matter. Beauty is existing.

  3. The physical self is only a shell, our wonder is more than a passing trend.

  4. Our bodies work tirelessly to look after us, they do so much that we don’t have control of. Our heart beats and our food digests all by itself, don’t take this for granted.

  5. Our bodies house our souls. They are our homes, allowing us to experience life.

  6. Our physical features tell a story of our family, ethnicity and ancestry. They describe how we came to be.

  7. Our lives so far have been a series of specific and detailed experiences and challenges. These shape us and give us a unique perspective on life.

  8. Through our bodies we experience. We connect, we observe, we smell, we taste, we listen.

  9. By loving yourself you can then love others more deeply without judgement or expectation.

  10. Our existence is rare. To be on this rock floating through space is rare. To be consciously questioning our existence on this rock floating through space is rare. Remember this every day.

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